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How does it work?

The i-Lipo emits low levels of laser energy, which creates a chemical  signal in the fat cells, breaking down the stored triglycerides into  free fatty acids and glycerol and releasing them though channels in the  cell membranes. The fatty acids and glycerol are then transported  around the body to the tissues that will use them during metabolism to  create energy. This process of fatty acid release is a natural response of the body when the body needs to used stored energy reserves, thus  i-Lipo is not creating any unnatural reaction in the body nor does it  affect or damage any surrounding structures such as skin, blood vessels  and peripheral nerves. A period of exercise post treatment will ensure  the complete metabolism and thus elimination from the body of the freed  fatty acids.

“ I was sceptical at first but after a course of eight treatments I have lost 9 inches and over 3 measurements and have gone down a dress size” - Louise, Beauty Therapist.

i-Lipo™ is a new revolutionary system that uses low level lasers for smoothing cellulite, fat reduction, and body shaping treatments.

The i-Lipo uses photobiomodulation to stimulate the body's natural process for releasing stored content in the adipose cells. Every day, the human body is storing excess calories from your diet in the adipose tissue.

The brain is in control of when the contents are released, and then metabolized into energy.

You can compare the adipose cells to a re-chargeable battery, sometimes used and sometimes stored up depending on diet and exercise.

i-Lipo is used to trigger the release of the contents, without exercise, and is able to target the precise stubborn areas.

i-Lipo is non-invasive with no pain, no needles, and no downtime.

Patients can expect results of losing 1-2 dress sizes during their course of treatments.

i-Lipo is best paired with with a change in lifestyle to maintain your results, typically just simple diet and exercise.